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Angel Di Maria denies poor relationship with Mauri Icardi

Ligue 1 Pair are now teammates at Paris Saint-Germain

AFP/Bulent Kilic

Angel Di Maria has denied reports thast he has a poor relationship with new teammate and fellow Argentine, Mauro Icardi.

The duo are now together at Paris Saint-Germain, although it remains unlikely they will play for Argentina at the same time in the foreseeable future.

Icardi is integrating with the team and the city,” Di Maria explained.

“On one hand it [the rumours] makes me laugh a little, but on the other it hurts me too.

“It makes me seem like a son of a bitch, whilst it’s the opposite.”

When pressed on the topic of why Icardi hasn’t been a regular feature in the national team, the former Real Madrid midfielder was quick to denounce the Messi rumours.

“It’s always the same bullshit,” Di Maria added.

“The things that came out aren’t true.

“Leo calls us on the phone, and he doesn’t say the things they say he does.”

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