Alexander-Arnold open to midfield role like idol Gerrard

The young English defender is ready to show off his positional versatility with a Reds great to thank for his skill set

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold would be happy to one day play in midfield, having modelled his game on club legend Steven Gerrard. 

Despite being deployed as a right-back the 21-year-old has impressed in the attacking end, with his 12 assists in the Premier League last season the most ever recorded in a single campaign by a defender. 

With two assists and a goal already to his name this season, Alexander-Arnold has proven his versatility at a young age and admits a future move into midfield wouldn’t be beyond him.

“Obviously I’m a defender first and foremost, then I want to try and help the team create chances,” Alexander-Arnold said on Wednesday. 

“For now the manager has decided I’m a right back. That’s where I’ll play. I’m really not fussed where I play. I just want to play football.

“If a manager decides to use me in midfield, or as a centre-back or a striker then that’s where I’ll play.”

Midfield looms as a real possible future destination for the Three Lions defender, who grew up idolising a certain midfield maestro. 

“[I modelled myself on] Gerrard, really. Everything about his game I always admired. I always studied him and wanted to be like him,” Alexander-Arnold said.

“It’s maybe not that important to compare because at a young age, you haven’t achieved the things those types of players have. It’s difficult to say whether you will or won’t. Who knows? 

“For now, it’s about having an open mind and wanting to achieve those types of levels, wanting to be those types of players, wanting to reach the levels they’ve reached. 

“Being regarded in the same bracket as them is something the best players want.”

It’s been a whirlwind few years for Alexander-Arnold and he was quick to pay credit to Reds manager Jurgen Kloop for his breakthrough. 

“Obviously without him who knows what would’ve happened. He’s the one that’s given me the most opportunities, more than I can even ask for,” he said.

“He’s obviously put a lot of trust and faith in me personally and I’ve tried to repay him every time he’s done that. Obviously a massive thanks to him and hopefully there will be four more years of success.”

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