Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate Glow Reviving Serum Review Phots Price

Vitamin C has become an integral part of my skincare regime and I have been using one for the past 2 years. Recently I got a chance to test out Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate Glow Reviving Serum. I am going to share my experience with you all today.Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate Glow Reviving Serum Review Phots Price

According to the brand –

A concoction of potent ingredients, this vitamin C serum boosts collagen production, accelerates repair and smoothens expression lines.  With stable Vitamin C in a weightless, quick absorbing, water base formula, this serum actively illuminates the complexion, and eliminates dullness and dark spots by neutralizing free radicals. Infused with moisture magnet hyaluronic acid, this vitamin C serum for face provides intense hydration restoring skin’s plumpness. It contains no nasty chemicals, and is completely safe and gentle on skin. The result? A noticeably brighter, more radiant complexion, with signs of ageing and photo damage minimised. Add it to your beauty routine to make skin less fatigued and more luminous.Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate Glow Reviving Serum Review Phots Price _1

Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate Glow Reviving Serum Review

The serum comes in yellow plastic bottle with dropper. I love serums with droppers as you can control the amount you dispense each time. The serum is clear and quite thin in consistency. It smells nice and mild.

The serum has a water like formula that absorbs into the skin immediately leaving no sticks residue behind. I have used it continuously for two months and loved the brightening effect it leaves. Vitamin C is derived from kakadu plum with 12% concentration.

I used it everyday in the morning. Vitamin C is great for people who want brighter & glowing complexion. With regular use it also fades marks and blemishes. Vitamin C is also great for reducing lines and wrinkles. Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate has hyaluronic acid as well which is one of the most popular humectants and retains moisture in the skin.

My skin is quite dry and prone to dullness, Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate has kept it looking glowing and smooth. I had a few acne marks left on the sides of my cheeks and they have faded to a great extent. The key is to use it regularly without fail. This one bottle lasted me 2 months.

This is a vegan formula and free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and other skin nasties.

Dot & Key Vitamin C Concentrate is priced at Rs 975, available online HERE 

Friday Treat H&M Loungey Hoodie

[affiliatelink] I really don’t like dressing gowns at all – I never, ever wear them although I have had several of them as gifts over the years that go off to Oxfam intermittently. I always feel a big strangled in them – they’re always so big, especially towelling robes and if you’re 5ft 3ins like me, invariably you’re swamped. They’re also too heavy! I have never found one that feels right. So, this hoodie knit from H&M is exactly the kind of thing that I like to wear over pjs instead of a robe.

H&M Sweater

It’s exactly the right kind of loose knit, sloppy style, down-time kind of top that says relax to me. It’s got some wool in it but I don’t think we can say it’s a wool sweater – I don’t mind that because you can just chuck it in the washing machine without worrying you’ll end up with a top to fit a mouse. It goes in sizes XXS to XXL and I think I’ll probably opt for L for the full sloppiness. It’s not available in store so I’m ordering this up this afternoon. The hoodie is £24.99 HERE.


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Small Talk: Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave Hydrogel Face Masks



There are so many different kinds of masks out there formulated to suit different skin types and provide different benefits. Previously for Small Talk, we’ve reviewed Village 11 Factory’s 2-Step Sheet Masks and Dr. Jart’s Dermask Shaking Rubber Mask. This time around, we’re trying out Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave Hydrogel Face Masks!

The Agave version is cooling while the Chamomile version brightens skin. Read on to see who’s on Team Agave and who’s on Team Chamomile.

Dianne: Hey Maureen, I saw that you tried Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave eye masks! I’ve been meaning to try out the hydrogel sheet mask versions. Have you tried those ones yet?

Maureen: I tried the eye masks and they were great! Can’t wait to try the face masks 😍

Zoe: I love hydrogel masks, and my face is like SUPER DRYYYYYY right now 😭

Romy: I’m already obsessed with sheet masks but hydrogel masks are next level! And the colors of the Petitfee Hydrogel Face Masks look so cute!

Dianne: Yes!!! I tried hydrogel facial masks a LONG time ago and tbh I don’t really remember what they feel like!

Zoe: I only remember that it’s hard to make them stay on lol.

Dianne: Let’s get #sheetfaced 😂

Zoe: How was the fit? 

Dianne: It’s crazy! It fits like a second skin lmaooo

Romy: These masks fit perfectly for me as well! I applied the top one first before putting on the bottom one, and I was surprised that it didn’t fall off my face like other hydrogel masks I’ve tried before.

Zoe: Lol how did it fit your face that perfectly? Mine was loose.

Maureen: Mine also hugs perfectly.

Romy: Haha maybe your face is too small for the mask?

Dianne: :O This was the first time a mask fit so perfectly for me! Usually, it falls off to the side or down my chin, or it goes up to my hair!

Maureen: The chin area is a bit small for me, but I have a long chin.

Zoe: Oh my god, I was actually hoping it would be a little bigger. There were gaping holes around my nose and chin. 😂 Usually with face masks, I use the extended areas for my neck too, so they can really deliver a lifting effect.

Dianne: On closer inspection, I noticed that it had a gauze-like material in between the hydrogel. I think that’s what made it easily conform to the shape of the face~

Maureen: Yeah, it doesn’t slip.

Dianne: Did you like the texture of the masks?

Maureen: I sure do. I mean, I love all hydrogel masks.

Dianne: I thought it would be a lot more jelly-like, and that it would feel slimy because of all the essence in the packet.

Zoe: The essence was super silky.

Romy: These masks have such a smooth feel to them, and the essence was just the right amount so it wasn’t messy to put on.

Zoe: I rubbed the essence from the packet all over my body~~~ It literally softened my skin instantly, and it’s non-sticky omg!

Maureen: It also doesn’t drip.

Romy: Plus it doesn’t tear as easily!

Dianne: Exactly! I was surprised at how durable it was considering I’m hella clumsy.

Zoe: It sure feels more premium than regular hydrogel.

Maureen: I just hope they could use less plastic to make it more eco-friendly. Both pieces were layered between plastic sheets. Makes it easier to take them out tho.

Romy: I think that’s so they stay in shape in the packaging? But I agree, they should try to make it more eco-friendly.

Maureen: How long did you guys keep them on?

Dianne: I put them on for around 15 mins and I really felt the essence soak into my skin. Could’ve gone longer tho, the packet says it lasts around 20 mins.

Romy: Same here. I left them on for 15 minutes and there was still plenty of essence left after taking them off.

Zoe: Oops, for the Agave one, I left it on for like 40mins (by accident).

Romy: Wow, did it completely dry out?

Zoe: Surprisingly not lol. The finishing is the same as when I put the Chamomile one on for 20 mins 😂

Romy: How did your skin feel after applying the Agave version?

Zoe: I felt very soothed haha, and my face looked hydrated and plump but not super dewy like it’s supposed to after wearing a sheet mask.

Dianne: Yeah, I agree. With some masks, the essence feels super sticky afterwards and doesn’t dry very quickly. I always feel like the essence dissipates into the air instead of soaking into my skin. BUT for this one, the essence was lightweight and actually moisturized my skin!

Romy: It soothed my skin as well! I had a few blemishes that were super red and angry but after applying the Agave mask, my skin felt soothed and my acne looked less inflamed.

Maureen: I also like how it soothed my skin, especially after a day in the sun. My masks were half-flattened by the time I took them off, so all the moisture went into my skin!

Zoe: I love how with hydrogel masks, they actually shrink after use haha. I also really love the smell and color! Not sure what the scent is actually… reminds me of certain air fresheners in oceany scents XD

Dianne: Oh really? I honestly didn’t think it had a certain fragrance! 😆 I’m not very sensitive to scents and couldn’t really pinpoint what it was~

Maureen: I can’t remember the smell tbh, but is it just me, or do both masks have a minty feel?

Romy: Yeah, I can’t remember the smell either, but I remember they were both pleasant scents XD The Agave one left a slight cooling sensation while I was wearing it, but it felt really nice and not tingly!

Zoe: I find the Agave gave more of a tingling feel when I first tried it, whereas for Chamomile, it was more of a gentle coolness throughout (relieved)

Dianne: The Chamomile defos felt gentler on skin. I didn’t notice my complexion looking much brighter, but it did even out the areas where I got a bit sunburnt.

Romy: I was in total zen mode when I had the Chamomile mask on. It felt soothing and left my skin looking plumper, but it also didn’t leave my skin tone looking brighter.

Maureen: The brightening effect of the chamomile was more obvious when I tried the eye masks ­– they helped brighten my dark circles.

Romy: Perhaps you need to use it long term to really see the brightening effects?

Zoe: Hmm, brightening effect is always so hard to judge. But it sure made my skin glow nicely! Based on the finishing, I feel the masks are more suited to use before putting on makeup.

Romy: They definitely make it easier for you to apply your makeup, but I prefer using it in my nighttime routine.

Dianne: Yeah, I only ever wear sheet masks for my nighttime routine or when I wear particularly heavy makeup.

Zoe: I actually still need to apply a sleeping pack afterwards for my nighttime routine. I love the finishing, but it’s just not quite nourishing enough for my dry skin.

Dianne: Team Agave or Team Chamomile?

Maureen: It’d be Agave for me just coz of the strange blue color XD

Dianne: Same here! Maybe it’s because of the weather, but I love how cooling it is after a long day of boiling under the sun!

Romy: Me too! I love how the Agave one cools my skin, so Agave wins for me! The cute bluish/purplish color is also another reason why I prefer it 💙

Dianne: Totally~ its color is so Insta-worthy!

Zoe: Despite the amazing color of the Agave one, I prefer Chamomile. Chamomile is like a holy grail for sensitive skin 😍 I have to say the slight tingling from the Agave put me off a teeny bit.

All that Glitters: Review of Elizavecca’s Gold Essence & Eye Patches



The YesStyle Beauty Lab

“Golden” Remedies for Troubled Skin

Elizavecca is famed for its Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Having heard good things about the brand and drawn by its weird and wonderful packaging featuring a pig mascot, I decided to give two products from the Milky Piggy Hell-Pore series a try – the Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Gold Essence and the Hell-Pore Gold Hyaluronic Eye Patch. Undoubtedly, a major selling point for both is the infusion of 24K gold extracts. Is this a marketing gimmick, or a way to brighter, firmer skin? Let’s find out!

The Context: My skin has been experiencing a number of problems despite dutiful adherence to a regimen that involves cleanser, toner, serum, hydrating cream and plenty of sheet masks. Spots, whiteheads, enlarged pores and even angry red patches have been steadily appearing with no signs of fading. I can’t be sure whether this is due to a lifetime of sleeping with my makeup on or simply the march of time, but I’m desperate for a remedy that can calm down my fluctuating combination skin and save it from premature aging.

The Product:What I noticed immediately about this essence was the 24K gold powder suspended in the dropper bottle. Purportedly, it works with other moisturizing and calming ingredients to produce hydrating, brightening and anti-inflammatory benefits. The essence has a faint herbal scent that I can’t place, but I’m glad it’s not a harsh chemical scent or a rich floral fragrance.

I placed two drops into my palms using the dropper and gently pressed the essence into my face, but that didn’t quite seem to cover it so I added one drop more. Thin, light and watery, it spread easily over my face, producing no immediate irritation. While part of me remained skeptical about whether the gold flakes could indeed melt into my skin and work their magic, the other part of me really wanted to believe the hype. I continued using the essence for two weeks and watched for potential improvements.

The Results:There are no visible downturns in my facial condition so I’m at least not allergic to the product, but there are also no discernible improvements. My skin does seem a teensy bit brighter and smoother, but that could simply be the luster of the gold powder. Unfortunately, the redness, roughness and dry patches remain. Perhaps I need to persist for a few months before visible effects appear?

The Context:In addition to increasingly tired-looking skin, my under-eye area has also been experiencing some trouble. It’s been getting puffier and darker, most likely due to late nights and poor blood circulation. Fine lines have also started to appear. Having always resorted to concealers to hide my dark circles, I used to believe that my eye bags would resolve themselves in time. I’ve finally realized that a more drastic rescue is needed.

The Product:Coming in a sparkly golden hue, these eye patches are infused with gold extracts to “discharge skin impurities.” They’re soaked with hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in moisture while promoting brightness and elasticity, and adenosine which is known for plumping up skin and erasing wrinkles. The patch itself is made of hydrogel and adheres closely to skin, thus preventing the loss of active ingredients.

After cleansing and toning, I stuck the eye patches to my under-eye area, patting and pressing gently to ensure optimal absorption. I also placed a couple of patches onto my neck to curtail potential sagging. There was a slight sting initially, which faded to a cool, soothing sensation. After waiting for 20-25 minutes, I removed the patches and patted the essence in for further absorption. This ritual was religiously repeated every other day for two weeks.

The Results: There’s a visible reduction of swelling and puffiness in my under-eye area, with skin appearing more refined. While my dark circles show only slight signs of fading, I believe continued use would provide further alleviation. Factoring in my habits of going to bed late and sleeping lightly, I’m pleasantly surprised by these small but significant improvements!

Final Verdict

I’d recommend the Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch to people who want to tighten and firm up their under-eye area at a wallet-friendly price. It may not do everything it says on the tin, but it contains enough of the right ingredients to produce solid benefits. Plus, I have to say that putting on those sparkly eye patches is one of life’s simple joys.

On the other hand, the Hell-Pore Gold Essence did not have any noticeable effect on my skin. The 24K gold seems to serve more as a decoration than a functional ingredient. The bottle does look very pretty on my desk, though I doubt that I’ll be reaching for it anytime soon.

Highlights: Milan Women 2-0 Tavagnacco

Matchday 4 (October 19, 2019): Milan Femminile won their 4th consecutive game of the season and are sitting at the top of the table.

Goals: Kunisawa (34′ own goal), Carissimi (93′).
Red cards: Veritti (40′)

Milan Women (4-3-3) – Maurizio Ganz
Maria Korenciova; Francesca Vitale, Stine Hovland, Laura Fusetti, Linda Tucceri; Nora Heroum (63′ Lady Andrade), Refiloe Jane, Dominika Čonč; Valentina Bergamaschi, Valentina Giacinti (83′ Sandra Žigić), Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi (70′ Marta Carissimi).
Unused: Piazza, Bellucci, Mendes, Manieri, Tamborini.

Tavagnacco (4-3-3) – Luca Lugnan
Alessia Cappelletti; Valeria Gardel (29′ Chiara Cecotti), Federica Veritti, Mizuho Kato, Millie Chandarana; Shino Kunisawa, Benedetta Brignoli (76′ Gaia Milan), Valentina Puglisi (53′ Sofia Kongouli); Elisa Polli, Caterina Ferin, Lara Ivanusa.
Unused: Donda, Zhou, Blasoni, Babnik, Pozzecco, Fontana.

Referee: Vincenzo Madonia.

Finished: Milan 2-2 Lecce

Team news: Milan were without the suspended Davide Calabria and Samu Castillejo, as well as without Mattia Caldara and Giampaolo Bonaventura, while Lecce had to do without Giannelli Imbula. Kickoff time for Matchday 8 of Serie A was 20:45 CEST at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Çalhanoğlu (20′), Babacar (62′), Piątek (81′), Calderoni (92′).

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Stefano Pioli
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Andrea Conti, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Theo Hernández; Lucas Paquetá (67′ Rade Krunić), Lucas Biglia, Franck Kessié (80′ Ante Rebić); Suso, Rafael Leão (67′ Krzysztof Piątek), Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Bennacer, Borini, Duarte, Gabbia, Ricardo Rodríguez, Brescianini.

U.S. Lecce (4-3-1-2) – Fabio Liverani
Gabriel; Biagio Meccariello, Fabio Lucioni, Luca Rossettini, Marco Calderoni; Andrea Tabanelli, Panagiotis Tachtsidis, Žan Majer (64′ Jacopo Petriccione); Marco Mancosu; Filippo Falco (46′ Diego Farias), Khouma Babacar (82′ Gianluca Lapadula).
Unused: Vigorito, Riccardi, Vera, Benzar, Shakhov, La Mantia, Rispoli, Lo Faso, Dell’Orco.

Referee: Fabrizio Pasqua.

Courage heading to third-straight final after 4-1 extra time win over Reign FC

Photo copyright by Lewis Gettier/The Equalizer.

The North Carolina Courage weaved their way in and out of the box and took shot after shot. However, nothing could find the back of Casey Murphy’s net. A team that is so dominant at home couldn’t find the back of the net until the 88th minute. Momentum swung in the favor of Courage when Lauren Barnes was called for a handball and Heather O’Reilly lined up the penalty kick.

It was the first of four goals that the Courage went on to score, providing a 4-1 victory in front of their home fans. They’ll be back in front of those fans next weekend, when they take the field for their third-straight NWSL Championship match.

After a quick equalizer from Ifeoma Onumonu in second half stoppage time, the Courage took extra time and ran with it. Debinha scored on a stellar free kick, sending the shot over a four-person wall made up of Reign players and Sam Mewis. However, the Courage weren’t quite done there.

Kristen Hamilton entered the match in the 96th minute. It took her 10 minutes to set up the third Courage goal, but it counted as an own goal against Barnes. To cap it off for the Courage, Crystal Dunn, who finished the match with eight shots and five on goal, finally found her semifinal tally.

Despite the scoreline, Reign FC kept the Courage at bay for the majority of the match. Casey Murphy made 11 total saves against Courage attackers, including four against Dunn and three against Mewis. Murphy joined the Reign in May, signing originally as a third-string goalkeeper. However, injuries to Michelle Betos and Lydia Williams forced the 23-year-old into quick action.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the pitch, Canadian international Stephanie Labbé made three saves to deny Megan Rapinoe, twice, and Bethany Balcer.

What’s Next?

The Courage will now get ready for their third-straight NWSL Championship match. They have no travel plans, though, as WakeMed Soccer Park was selected to host the final this season. However, the Courage will await the final of Portland vs. Chicago to find out who their opponent will be.

Goal Scoring Summary: Courage vs. Reign 

  • North Carolina Courage (Heather O’Reilly, 88′, PK)
  • Reign FC (Ifeoma Onumonu, 90’+3′)
  • North Carolina Courage (Debinha, 99′)
  • North Carolina Courage (Lauren Barnes, 106′, OWN GOAL)
  • North Carolina Courage (Crystal Dunn, 107′)

Caution Summary

  • Reign FC (Allie Long, 50′)

The Goals and Saves

Reign FC did everything right against the Courage, and it still wasn’t enough

Photo Copyright Lewis Gettier for The Equalizer

In the end, it all went as expected.

The North Carolina Courage are headed to a fourth consecutive National Women’s Soccer League Championship, including the franchise’s 2016 title as the Western New York Flash, after outlasting Reign FC in extra time on Sunday at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina.

The 4-1 final score was both fitting and flattering for the Courage. North Carolina out-shot the Reign 34-7 and played most of the match in Reign FC’s defensive half but were denied by a combination of blown opportunities and incredible goalkeeping. Reign FC, beaten up and patched together throughout the season, weren’t going to win this semifinal playing any other way, and head coach Vlatko Andonovski knew it.

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His starting right back on Sunday was 33-year-old Steph Cox, the former U.S. international who came out of retirement earlier this year after a couple years of coaching. Darian Jenkins lined up in an unusually defensive position on the right wing to provide extra cover for Cox against a Courage team littered with attacking talent and seemingly targeting that side.

Jodie Taylor struggled in a thankless role as the one target forward meant to give the Reign an outlet, and Megan Rapinoe – when not dueling with old U.S. teammate Heather O’Reilly on the flank – drifted inside to fill that role later in the match.

The Reign bent but didn’t break behind breathtaking goalkeeping from Casey Murphy in her first NWSL playoff match. Murphy made 11 saves, several of them 1-v-1, and was the primary reason the Reign even made it to extra time. If the 88th-minute penalty kick which O’Reilly converted felt unfortunate (even if the hand-ball call was clearly correct) given Murphy’s heroics, the 4-1 final score was downright cruel based on the Reign’s defensive effort.

Planning for the unexpected has Reign FC defying the odds

What we saw on Sunday was a Reign team which did its absolute best to match a deeper, more fit and more talented Courage squad, only to eventually and inevitably wear down in extra time. Ifeoma Onumonu’s shocking equalizer in second-half stoppage time only prolonged that fate.

Time and again, we’ve seen this Courage squad – the core of which began forming five seasons ago, with important pieces being added along the way – grind down opponents. The sheer volume of the number of opportunities which North Carolina typically creates almost always puts the numbers game in the Courage’s favor.

Single-elimination playoff games are about matchups and form as much as talent. The Courage had all three of those things on their side on Sunday. It would have taken a perfect game plan, executed without mistakes, plus a little bit of luck for the Reign to nick a goal on the other end and escape with a trip to the final. Reign FC did all of that and still lost by three goals.

The Courage are three-time Shield winners and looking to repeat as league champions. The core of this group unexpectedly won the 2016 NWSL Championship ahead of schedule. “Dynasty” is a strong word often thrown around too casually in sports. The term is relative, of course, and in the seven-year history of the NWSL and the other six years of pro women’s soccer in the U.S. (mostly because of their volatile history), we’ve never seen a run of dominance like this. FC Kansas City and the Reign sparred in 2014 and 2015, but both teams struggled the following years. FC Gold Pride folded, then WPS folded as the Flash picked up steam.

The NWSL is a league rife with player movement. From frequent, blockbuster trades, to expansion drafts (which will be making a comeback), it’s hard enough to keep a roster together the way the Courage have, let alone to keep winning.

In another week, the Courage will get the chance to win one more game this season on their home field, in Cary, and it would surprise nobody if they did just that. If they do, the franchise will have claimed six of the league’s eight available trophies from the past four seasons. What we’re witnessing is the best team in the league and one of the best club teams in the world.

Inside the construction of the Courage, perennial NWSL contenders

Kerr’s first playoff goal lifts Red Stars to NWSL Championship for first time

Photo Copyright Daniela Porcelli for The Equalizer

Sam Kerr’s 8th-minute tally stood as the game’s only goal in Sunday’s second National Women’s Soccer League semifinal as the Chicago Red Stars defeated Portland Thorns FC, 1-0 to advance to their first NWSL Championship. Chicago will play the North Carolina Courage, who defeated Reign FC in the day’s first semifinal, on Oct. 27 in Cary, North Carolina.

Kerr’s goal was her first in postseason play. She broke her own regular-season scoring record with 18 goals this season. Chicago had lost at the semifinal stage in each of the last four seasons entering the match.

Yuki Nagasato, who is also a league MVP finalist alongside Kerr, delivered the assist over the top for Kerr’s early goal.

Portland started the match in a 3-5-2 with Meghan Klingenberg and and Elizabeth Ball on the wings. Andressinha earned a rare start in the midfield as Portland head coach Mark Parsons tried to find a way to snap his team’s late-season slide and get them on track.

Ball was replaced by Hayley Raso to start the second half, as the Thorns shifted formations into their 4-2-3-1.

Portland was aiming for a third straight appearance in the championship match alongside North Carolina. Those two teams had split their meetings in the last two finals.

Chicago is the only team the Courage did not defeat in 2019. The Red Stars won both match-ups in Bridgeview, Illinois, and tied the Courage in North Carolina in the season-opener.

Goal Scoring Summary

  • Chicago Red Stars (Sam Kerr, 8′)

Caution Summary

  • Portland Thorns FC (Elizabeth Ball, 45+1′)

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What a talent – Chelsea starlet praised by Premier League legend

Premier League legend Alan Shearer was impressed with Chelsea forward Callum Hudson-Odoi’s performance in their 1-0 win over Newcastle United on Saturday.

The 18-year-old set up Marcos Alonso’s winner in just his fifth Blues match since returning from six-months on the sidelines with an Achilles injury.

And when analysing the game on Match of the Day, Shearer, who’s the Premier League’s leading scorer with 260 goals, heaped praise on the wide attacker.

“Three Premier League appearances this season for Callum Hudson-Odoi and three assists,” said the ex-Newcastle striker.

“Of course he had a terrible injury as well that he has come back from.

“He is just 18-years-old and can spray the ball around brilliantly, he is full of confidence.

“He can go left, right, outside or inside and everything Chelsea did today he was at the heart of it

“He was hugging the touchline and with his pace and drive he makes it very difficult for defenders.

“What a week it has been for him with two goals for England Under-21s as well, what a talent.”

Hudson-Odoi signed a new five-year contract in September after strong interest from Bayern Munich.

The Wandsworth-born teenager has two senior England caps and will now – along with teammates Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori – be aiming to secure a place in Gareth Southgate’s squad for November’s internationals.